Am I the equivalent of the cat?

We've got this cat, Leila...who sometimes comes up to me and asks for something. It seems like she's asking to be petted. If you try to pet her she takes a step away. But still seems to want you to follow her. You reach out to help and she steps away again. And again. She trots over to a box and rubs her head against it as if saying, "Here. Come over here, this is where I need to you to pet me." But when you pet her there she jumps up and moves a foot or two away, or across the room. Still asking in her chirpy little purr request for you to follow. So you follow. And she moves and asks. And you follow. And she moves and asks again.  But between the two of you, you never really figure out what it was she wanted. Is that me? Always not quite content, feeling like I'm not quite where I should be? Asking others to help me, to come with me, to help me figure this out? But never quite figuring out what it is I want, or need? If I have to be like a cat wouldn't i

A Kimodified Spurt

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